Social Artistry




The Social Artist must be a lifelong learner in the art of interpersonal relations. 
They are able to find ways of crossing the great divide of otherness 
and are able to step out of stereotypes and see and honour others deeply.
Jean Houston

In our contemporary society, we lack a word for one who is both “change maker” and “visionary.” There has not yet been a singular term to describe the individual who journeys deep within oneself, consults with his or her own inner world, and uses this profound understanding – clear seeing, close listening, & full feeling – to create transformation in the outer world. Social Artistry is the bringing together of  people under the leadership of a recognised Social Artist, who is one who does all of these things and more.

A Social Artist is an intentionalized artist – a conscious creator. Just as a painter internally envisions a painting before painting it on the canvas, a Social Artist envisions creative solutions and builds them on the canvas of their society. A Social Artist evokes the vision of what’s possible, focuses on that vision with all of her human capacities, and celebrates it into being.

Jean Houston, Ph.D, coined the phrase Social Artist. Over the course of her career, she has worked in over 180 countries, studied the mysteries, religions, and myths of dozens of cultures, and researched the frontiers of metaphysics, quantum physics, and mind/body capacities. She has taken this tremendous wealth of knowledge and created exercises that make this knowledge accessible and understandable by any individual from any culture in the world. These processes create an awareness that enhances one’s senses and ways of thinking, doing and being. They are the foundation of the Social Artist’s tool kit.

The creation of Social Artistry™ has arisen at a crucial time in human history. As environmental problems, technology, industry, population, and social connections continue to morph and expand at exponential rates, human beings everywhere are realizing that we live on the precipice of a tremendous evolution or devolution of the planet. The systems of our current society do not know how to deal with this complexity, and are breaking down. This breakdown opens space for new ways – the new story – to arise.

We are in a time of great transition; we are at the dawn of a new world. This is jump time, and we are the people who will create a living, flourishing, globally connected world founded on love, artistry, unity, and the dignity of all beings worldwide. Now is the time, and we are the people.

Joseph Campbell details in “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” how every Hero must accept their call to adventure. So, too, does every Social Artist respond to the call to fulfill their highest potential.

The most important thing you can do is simply show up and say yes.