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2016 Building Creative Communities Conference

10th Anniversary Celebration!!!
28th-31st January 2016
Colquitt, Georgia,

Home of ‘Swamp Gravy’, Georgia’s Folk Life Play, Colquitt hosted the 2016 Building Creative Communities Conference (BCCC). The BCCC mission is to motivate, encourage, empower and inspire community advocates by sharing ideas, learning new skills, and fostering positive change.

“Colquitt, GA is a Renaissance town – where the “Creative Class” meets for inspiration.”
Dr. Jean Houston


This year, 2016, marked the 10th anniversary of Building Creative Communities Conferences. Beginning in 2006, this Conference was the brainchild of Karen Kimbrel and Joy Jinks who, after speaking and conducting workshops on Community and Economic Development using the Arts, Culture, and History all over the US, decided that people need to come to “The Swamp.” The dream was to bring people to the source of the creativity and let these visitors have “The Colquitt Experience,” witnessing, firsthand, how a small town of 1600 people (6000 in the county), built a cultural tourism industry that brings 55,000 visitors annually and fosters creativity, leadership and inclusivity into building community.
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Keynote Speaker
Dr. Vaughn Grisham is the Director Emeritus of the McLean Institute for Community Development at the University of Mississippi where he has taught for the past 40+ years.

Additional Speakers

Joy Jinks: Graduate of Florida State University with a master’s degree in social work, has worked in community and economic development for over 30 years.

Karen Kimbrel: Native of Colquitt and a graduate, cum laude, of Troy State University with a B.S. in business administration, is a founding member of Swamp Gravy, and she has served as executive director of the Colquitt/Miller Arts Council from 1993 – 2004.

Margaret Ashmore holds a faculty position as an Associate Teaching Professor at The Florida State University College of Social Work where she instructs both graduate and undergraduate students.

Richard Owen Geer, Ph.D.: Holds a Ph.D. in performance studies from Northwestern University, has been noted in People magazine as healing “troubled communities with the magic of theater and the gift of new hope.”

Janet Sanders: Facilitator, program designer, project manager, and trainer with 20 years of international experience with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (in a UNESCO consultative status).

Audi Scott Williams is the Vision Keeper for the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk (2005-2009) and is the author of the Diary of NOWTIME Prophecies and PEACE Walking as a Ritual.

Agnus Furey… At 77 years old, the diminutive grandmother has been the victim of domestic violence, suffered the deaths of all three of her children, to suicide, AIDS and murder.

As the founder of iLOGIC ™ (Institute for the Love Of Genius In Communities) Tannur ‘Shewrightz’ Ali lives her life as a public servant, providing events, workshops, classes and spaces where people can “Get UnPlugged and find themselves plugged in”.

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